This website will go away completely very soon... before 2017... if there is anything you need, download it quickly :-)


In the meantime, all the old applications have been uploaded and are available:


Feel free to contact BrekIT by sending an email to:

Triksy v1.0 [No longer maintained] A set of PowerShell Advanced Functions to process MsTest TRX files and to aggregate results. Just drop the scripts into your PowerShell Modules folder and easily query, aggregate and reshape your TRX results using CmdLets such as Get-TrxResult, Get-TrxUnitTest and Get-TrxWorkitemSummary. Handy when you want to import the results into different test management tools or for custom reporting needs.

Please see the Github Repository for more information and source code.

Pronto (Visual Studio 2010) [No longer maintained] A productivity tool for Visual Studio 2010 - drag your MTM Test Cases onto your C# source files and automatically generate your data bindings, stubs and keywords.

The application can be downloaded at Visual Studio Gallery

UacAA [No longer maintained] User Account Control Automation Assistant lets you automate the dismissal of User Account Control Dialog Boxes using VBScript, PowerShell or Perl including on the Secure Desktop.

This application works up to Windows 7 SP1 but does not work on Windows 8. The application is no longer being developed but has been open sourced on Github.

Please download the 32-bit or 64-bit version directly (the 64-bit version includes the Syswow64 components)

MarraLAB [No longer maintained] MarraLAB is a productivity tool for automating your mundane programming and debugging tasks within Visual Studio.

MarraLAB can be downloaded for Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015. NOTE: 2016-Jan-04: MarraLAB is no longer actively being developed or maintained.